Colour The Ceiling

Decorbuddi, Nikki, was asked to help Ruth and her husband turn their loft into a master bedroom and ensuite. With two small children, they wanted to create a sleeping space that felt luxurious and grown-up, with a boutique feel quite distinct from the family rooms. The gorgeous silk throw they had been given as a wedding gift was the starting-point and became the inspiration for the rest of the room.

There were both aesthetic and practical issues with this loft bedroom. It had been traditionally painted with a white ceiling extending to the sloping walls which made the space look smaller. And as with most loft rooms, there was no storage for clothes so a solution was necessary for the room to work better for the couple’s everyday needs.

The first dramatic change was to introduce a dark wall colour and take the colour up onto the vaulted ceiling. This instantly gave height to the space and framed the stunning view from the window. The chosen colour matched the darker thread of the client’s throw which was also fed into the design of the window dressing. Thick full length curtains with a painted pelmet to hide the track dressed the window adding texture and layers to the interior.

We addressed the storage issue by modifying an Ikea Pax wardrobe to fit into the available space (there are numerous websites devoted to Ikea hacks). Bespoke doors with mirrors were added to the Pax units and we sprayed the doors to match the wall colour, instantly allowing the storage to blend into the walls so the individual furniture pieces could make a statement. Lighting was important in creating the desired luxurious, yet cosy, feel. A stunning oversized silk pendant with decorative metal detailing was hung over the bed, giving a sense of grandeur. We complemented this with side lamps in polished metal and white silk shades to tie in with the bed linen.

Ruth wanted a small space where she could put on her makeup, Nikki designed and commissioned a small dressing table which was attached to the wall, giving it a small footprint but enough space to be useful.

A loft ensuite presents lots of challenges in terms of maximising space. Again, the original bathroom had been painted white and had no storage when we got involved with the project. It was important to mirror the look and feel of the master bedroom, so textured wallpaper was introduced and this instantly lent the room some glamour. The storage solution was found in the eves, with fold down, fronted draws to maximize the space and a pullout system for shoes.

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