In/Out Garden Design

This client had always loved her garden but didn’t have a clue about plants. So when she embarked on a building project to blend the back of her house with the garden, she decided that this would be a good time to start.

There were two objectives. The first was to connect the gorgeous magnolia tree to the house and the second was to take the colour scheme from the wallpaper out into the garden with a choice of plants that continued the seamless connection between inside and out.

Our buddi started by defining the garden shape which included a patio the same colour as the interior flooring that would flow out. This was just the right proportion for the scale of the house. A good starting point is to look at the height of the extension and lay the patio down to approximately the same length. In this case, the extension is three meters high and so we laid out the patio to reflect this dimension. Rather than working with a bland rectangular shape our buddi created a more interesting design. She extended the patio beyond the magnolia with a large flowerbed cut-out around the tree, ready to be filled with grasses and plants to connect the interior with nature even more closely.

Next step was to develop a planting plan that reflected the colour palette that the client desired and included edible plants, as briefed also. The south facing bed has been filled with colourful flowers of pinks, mauves and yellow to continue the wallpaper from inside. The north-facing bed gets less light so a mix of green leaves with highlights of white is a perfect choice to continue the greens chosen in the interior also. The area under the tree gets relatively little light and so we filled it with ferns and grasses that would thrive and create a jungle effect with the canopy above.

It is still early days but the plants are growing fast and you can see the scheme developing already. Plus there are runner beans and squash, edamame and strawberries tucked under the tree, all of which are already making the client very happy.

In follow up, our decorbuddi is providing an occasional hour’s support so that the client can indulge her thirst for garden knowledge and build her skills to take better care of the garden for herself. A holistic approach to creating a home for herself with help at her side which, after all, is what Decorbuddi is all about.

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