• Simple Home & Garden Packages

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How It Works

Decorbuddi is a new concept all about helping you to create a home and garden that truly suits you. Not everyone wants a full interior design or landscaping service and yet even small projects can be daunting if you don’t have the confidence, vision or time.

Our bespoke, bite-sized, approach is designed to provide you with just the help you need. A totally flexible service, no project is too small. You can book a buddi for any task from Getting Started to a complete home or garden redesign.

We offer a number of simple packages from choosing paint colours, decluttering, refreshing the look of your room, lighting and garden make-overs, through to sourcing complete room-kits and bespoke interiors.

Our buddies are your buddies. They are the most wonderful group of experts on hand ready to help you with your project. They range from landscape gardeners and lighting designers to colour consultants and interior designers. We will match you with the right person for your project so you can get the maximum done in the minimum time.

Our collaborative approach means that you update and improve your home while still retaining control. No awkward moments, no unexpected changes or charges – working together avoids all of these potential issues. More importantly, the end result is still very much a reflection of your personality and style.

Our buddies have links to a wide range of suppliers and tradespeople with whom they have existing relationships, saving you money too.

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