Decorbuddi Founder Debbie Blott

Co-founder, Debbie Blott, first came up with the idea for a bite-sized approach to interior design when, travelling abroad, she moved from home to home many times in quick succession.

She discovered first hand how having a home that feels great and functions well is essential for your quality of life and wellbeing, and determined to make it easier and more enjoyable to achieve.

“It is fantastic to see the difference that our Decorbuddies are making to the quality of our clients lives. “

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About Decorbuddi Founder Debbie Blott

Decorbuddi Founder Debbie Blott founded Decorbuddi, together with Business Partner Amy Dhala, to create an exceptional client experience and end result. “Our team are our greatest assets” she says.

Debbie began her career working for the paint colours brand, Dulux. She helped to create new products from, the then innovative, non-glossy paint for wood, Satinwood, to complete colour ranges, including the introduction of the NCS colour system to the UK and bespoke packages of colour for leading interior retailers.

Moving into branding, with projects including the introduction of the heart logo and global re-brand of Walls ice-cream, Debbie has always thought of interior design as a re-branding exercise.

“People are at their happiest when their home is a true reflection of who they are and the way they want to live. It is all about wrapping yourself in exactly what suits you. Your home design should be a complete fit to your personality and that of your family. Only then will you be totally relaxed, comfortable. and happy. That is why our Decorbuddies’ greatest skill is their ability to interpret what it is that will really suit you and create a home that you love even more than you can imagine.”

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