• The Process

    Individually Tailored. Phase by Phase.

Just like people, every project is different and we approach each project individually. We know that embarking on a design or renovation project can be daunting and at times overwhelming, even for clients who have refurbished a number of properties. The Decorbuddi process makes it easier and more enjoyable for our clients to achieve the transformation they desire, whether this is for just one room or an entire home and garden.

At Decorbuddi our process is how we differentiate ourselves, breaking each project down into manageable steps. This phase by phase approach means you stay in control of your project but we are on hand to provide as little or as much help, advice and support as needed. Broadly speaking, each project involves the following sequence of steps:

1. Initial Call

Fill in the contact form or give us a call on 07931 079652. We would love to hear all about the kind of help you are looking for and can answer any questions you may have.



2. Design Consultation

Following an initial detailed call, the most common next step is to book a home or garden “Get Started” consultation with one of our design team. The designer will be chosen according to your brief and location and will get in touch with you before the meeting to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your time together – they may send you a questionnaire or ask more questions to ensure they bring all the tools, samples and visuals they require to get the most out of the consultation.

This fixed price design consultation allows you to get to get to know us without too much financial commitment and it allows us to really get into the detail so we truly understand the scope of the project. By the end of the session you will have received new ideas, helpful advice and practical solutions. For some clients this is all the help that they need to kick-start their project for themselves, but for many at this stage we make a plan of action, decide what the next steps are, and as a result of the consultation, put together a bespoke design proposal.


get started

3. The Design Concept

Whether you want help with colour, lighting, soft furnishings, planning the layout of an indoor or outdoor space, furniture selection or a full bespoke design service, the design concept is the crucial starting point for setting the visual framework for your project.

We will know your likes and dislikes, inspiration and aspirations from the Get Started phase. We use this information to help us to create initial design concepts to explore the best way to transform your space, to suit your individual style and requirements. This could be in the form of moodboards, samples or 2D drawings (or all 3) depending on the brief.

Once we have all agreed on the concept, look and feel of a space together we can move on to the detail, knowing that we are all on the same page and, most importantly, that we have a united vision of the end result to guide us and refer back to throughout the project.


4. The Detailed Design

This stage is where the fun really begins as we start to get down to the details, specifying and choosing furniture, paint colours and fabrics, and designing any bespoke furniture or joinery. For garden projects we finalise drawings, materials and planting plans as well as source furniture and materials.


5. Implementation & Project Coordination

Once all of the detailed designs are complete for a given room, home or garden, you will have everything you need to complete a project yourself, whether this is literally yourself or with the help of any chosen contractors. Many of our clients find that they want us involved in the design implementation stage, and we are so heavily invested in you and your home and garden at this point that we are more than happy to oblige!

Co-ordinating the implementation of a project, no matter what size, is very time consuming. We can help as little or as much as you like at this stage whether it be purchasing through trade accounts, recommending and finding contractors, helping with tender documents and overseeing quality control during the implementation.

For larger home and garden builds we can work closely with architects and build teams to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard. Our problem solving and troubleshooting experience can be invaluable in saving you stress and time.


Need Something Different?

Of course, a lot of our clients are outside the UK, are working off plans or agent details or just need something a little different from the process outlined above. Our process is by no means fixed in stone and we will always work to your timelines and requirements. We can work remotely via video call or can jump in at any of the stages above depending on where you are at with your project. Perhaps you need us to look over some existing architectural plans, create some lighting plans or help with the tender process for a big build? Hourly consultations are available to provide just the help you need. This is all very much within the scope of what we do so please do give us a call to discuss your requirements.


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