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    Clearly defined. Sensibly priced.

Getting Started

Decorbuddi is all about providing you with just the help you need to create your individual home and garden more easily. With our approach you stay completely in control of the look, timings and budget, whether you would like just a little help to get started, one room designed or an entire house and garden.

Our clients require a quality service to create their individual home and garden. They don’t want a designer to get carried away with the specification or budget. We achieve this by providing clearly structured, sensibly priced packages of help, so that you always stay in control of the look timings and budget.

If you would like more information or an estimate for your project, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to help. No job is too small. Sometimes just a revised layout or new colour scheme can be all that is needed to transform your home completely.

Many of our clients start with one of our ‘Get Started’ consultations either for the Home or Garden – at £250 these are great value. This may be all the help you need, or you may choose to purchase additional hours, a tailored package of help or employ the services of our specialist tradespeople.

Whatever you choose, you remain in control of the look, timings and budget with expert help at your side to create your individual home and garden.

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