Holiday Home

This family had purchased a holiday property in Devon that would be available for rent. It was a wonderful property with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, which became the main inspiration for the interior. The client had an excellent eye for design and led the renovation process. With a colour palette and the broad strokes of a design already in place, a helping hand from us gave her the confidence to develop her own ideas, map out the detail and take advantage of the sources and suppliers in our little black book.

It was a massive renovation project, which took some time, and so much of the initial design-work was done from architectural plans. Then, as the house began to take shape, our client would travel between Devon and her London home, with long-distance Decorbuddi support, creating bespoke pieces to her measurements and timings. Working closely with the client and incorporating her original ideas, we discussed options, explored ranges and considered each aspect of the design. Meeting regularly to review the room-kit collections and other elements, teamwork ensured the whole scheme came together seamlessly right through to the final touches.

As the project began to take shape we found great value suppliers that were perfect for a property destined to be used by the family but also made available for rent. Mastercraft rugs come in a broad range of colours and added warmth and texture throughout. Layers of cushions and throws transformed simple beds, chairs and sofas and are easy enough to replace. Rockett St George designs were a great favourite for the finishing touches.

Budgetting on a project of this scale is key and early on a decision was taken to spend more on flooring, joinery and fixtures which would last for years to come, with local craftsmen employed to implement contemporary designs using local materials.

Each of the bedrooms was based on a fresh colour scheme inspired by the landscape – blues, greens and the oranges of the local stone. Finally, the little details that make all the difference were added; eye-catching artwork and photography cleverly providing a backdrop to the book shelves so that they wouldn’t look empty when cleared of personal artefacts for rental clients.

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