SE London Interior Designer Jenny Wood

Located in Brockley, Jenny works with the Decorbuddi team to provide the full range of Decorbuddi services across SE London from Greenwich to Balham, including Dulwich, Bromley and Beckenham.

“I particularly enjoy helping clients solve problems and getting creative with colour; designing spaces that not only look good but work well, and make people smile the minute they walk in the door.”


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About SE London Interior Designer Jenny Wood

Jenny has worked in the interiors industry for over 15 years, styling a huge variety of homes and spaces and renovating properties to create that “feelgood” factor.

She is happy working on projects both big and small; and offers Decorbuddi interior design services from ‘Getting Started’ to individual interior design, decoration, renovation and project management. Jenny has successfully helped clients to renovate their properties for sale to achieve successful commercial results.

Jenny’s background as a homes and lifestyle journalist and stylist, writing for titles including Good Homes magazine and national newspapers has given her an encyclopaedic knowledge of where to shop for the look you want (and the budget you have!)

Jenny is based in Brockley and works with Decorbuddi clients across SE London.

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Client Testimonials for SE London Interior Designer, Jenny Wood:

Dulwich Interior Design

“We really believe that seeking Decorbuddi’s help was a great call. Our project consisted of a side infill extension and internal renovation of our house, in two phases, between 2022 and 2024. Engaging Decorbuddi has without doubt led to a much much nicer finish than we could have imagined and we have definitely recouped our fees many times over.

Jenny Woods, our Decorbuddi, is an absolute rockstar! She has the unique blend of someone who is not only well informed but also has great listening skills. She was able to decipher what we had in mind (vague at the best of times!) and convert it to reality. Getting her to sketch out the options made the whole journey a lot more pleasant as both my wife and I were busy with work and a young family. She has been super responsive when we sought out advice on all matters big and small, sometimes at awkward hours and was a sounding board with a great solution for every surprise that we faced along the way.

Jenny is very well connected in the industry. I remember one particular instance. We were resigned to a suboptimal kitchen design after visiting multiple kitchen companies. Once Jenny came onboard, she realised what we had settled for was sub optimal. She gently challenged us and encouraged us to visit one of the kitchen companies she had worked before. With Jenny’s input the kitchen company provided a far superior design (30% more storage space without any compromises) without increasing the costs. Another example was when we had a surprise with our existing fireplace. Jenny reached out to her contacts in the industry and came with the right solution in a very timely manner.

We were so pleased with Jenny’s inputs that we sought her help again while redecorating the house early this year. Jenny, thank you for all your help in making our home what it is today.” Abhay

Crystal Palace, Renovation & Redecoration

“When tenants wrecked our London flat, we were heartbroken. We live 200 miles away so overseeing a renovation and redecoration from such a distance – and with a limited budget – was going to prove incredibly stressful.

Thank goodness for Jenny Wood at Decorbuddi. She listened to our requirements carefully and gave us very wise and realistic advice about what could – and couldn’t – be achieved with the time and money available. She recommended fantastic businesses who could help, suggested brilliant ideas to freshen up the decor and make the flat more appealing to tenants, obtained quotes and liaised with trades during the work, involving me in every decision from the design of the kitchen to the finish of the new door furniture.

I am so pleased with the end result. That flat has gone from drab, dark and tired-looking to light, spacious and attractive. The fact that tenants snapped it up at the very first viewing before we’d even had time to put it back on the market is testament to her hard work.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t have done it without her. She has saved me months of time, thousands of pounds and no doubt a nervous breakdown (!). I would recommend her 100 per cent if you’re needing someone to transform your property.” Jill

SE London Interior Designer Nursery in yellow and white

Blackheath, Flat refurbishment

“Jenny helped us with ideas about the full refurbishment of our flat, including colours schemes, choice of lighting, accessories and floor and wall tiling in kitchen and bathroom. She was very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful and most importantly had very good ideas. I found the ‘package’ service very good value for money and I would not hesitate to use Jenny’s services again. Very highly recommended.” Atanas

East Dulwich Interior Design

“I’ve been working with Jenny Wood from Decorbuddi for a couple of years now and I highly recommend her and her team. Jenny has helped me transform my house into a home; reflective of my personal style with ‘wow’ factor features throughout the house. Jenny is very personable with excellent knowledge of interior design. She listens and offers advice based on colour schemes, textures, styles and materials that she knows I like. She’s encouraged me to trust my instincts when decorating which, has given me the confidence to carry on the work independently after our design meetings. She’s introduced me to a wide variety of exceptional brands, artisans and tradespeople that I never knew about. She’s been able to arrange discounts for wallpaper and fabrics thanks to relationships that Decorbuddi have established with top suppliers. I am incredibly grateful to Jenny for her hard work, guidance and support in helping me to decorate my now, beautiful home. I really couldn’t have achieved what I have without her. I wholeheartedly rate Jenny Wood and Decorbuddi with 5+ stars.” Natalia

Norwood, Kitchen Redesign

“I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing for a couple of years about remodelling my kitchen area – being the only adult in the house it felt like a mammoth task to do alone. I discovered Decorbuddi on Houzz and bought a Home Get Started package as it seemed like a reasonable price to pay for a professional opinion on what I could do to make the space work better and also to bring it up to date. Jenny was my Decorbuddi and she looked at the whole of my downstairs space. I was initially anticipating doing the rest of the shopping and designing myself, but again this was a bit too much to fit into my life, so I continued to work with Jenny using the bespoke services and it was the best decision I could have made. She helped me with recommendations for tradespeople, dealt extremely well with my inability to make decisions, and guided me fantastically through the whole process. She “got” my taste and vision straight away and enabled me to achieve so much more with my space than I could have ever done alone. I’m planning on a bedroom makeover next, and there’s no doubt that Jenny will be on board with me to help me through it from design to delivery. Thanks so much, it’s been AMAZING!” Rebecca

SE London Interior Designer - Wardrobe

Balham, Decoration of New Apartment

“Decorbuddi has helped me decorate my three bedroom flat over the last year. This is my first property and Jenny has been instrumental not only from an interior design perspective but also practical advice such as plant care. Jenny understood my style and preferences early on and her proposals really matched what I was looking for. She is always available for follow on questions and can literally find anything that seems to be unavailable or impossible to find. Overall I am very happy with the service I have received and once I have the final details I would be happy to share some photos.” Isabel

Balham, Interior Design and Decoration

“Jenny’s support has been invaluable. She took the time to really understand what I was hoping to achieve and what I was worried about, proposed ideas I’d never have thought of, and considered things that wouldn’t have occurred to me. From the first visit alone it really gave me confidence in how to progress and to be a bit braver in certain areas and know where and how to play it safe.” Frances

Balham, Kitchen Renovation

“We requested a Get Started Report from Decorbuddi and Jenny was fantastic – at our meeting she provided extremely practical advice and the report she sent helped us prepare for the meeting we had with a prospective builder in record time. We would definitely use Decorbuddi’s services again. Thank you!” Ben & Suki.

North London, Redesign to Sell

“We had a wonderful experience all round. Jenny is an absolute star. Not only has she got great design sense, she had very good insight into what would appeal to the demographic we were targeting regarding getting our place into a much better modern condition for sale. We are so pleased with the results that we did on a budget that Jenny was incredible at adapting to. Super pleased.” James

Southwark Renovation

If there was a 5+ star, I would choose it! My flat was an ex-council flat and I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do after the previous tenants moved out. My goal was to renovate the whole flat and move in then move out in a year and rent it out again. I did not have any experience in renovating or design or even project managing the renovation. So, last September I found Decorbuddi. Also, I just started to move home from Edinburgh to London and moving home took me 2 – 3 months to finish because I used to live in a house and there were so many things to sort out! I was so grateful that they found me an amazing interior designer, Jenny Wood. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during our first meeting. I decided to let her to project manage the renovation while I could take care of moving home in the meanwhile. in October, I saw 3 builders. Then I chose the one suggested by Jenny and the builder started the work in November. At that time, we were planning to redo the kitchen so the project was expected to be finished in mid-January. Unfortunately, I had to move out of the temporary address due to serious family issue and we were under A LOT of time pressure because I had to move in before 1/12/23. I almost gave up on redoing the flat and I was that close to say “Let’s just paint the walls and I’d be happy”. I told Jenny about what happened and she said that she would help me to move in before 1/12/23. Then luckily the deadline was changed to before Christmas. There were so many things to keep track of and Jenny helped me to list all of them and tackle one by one. She was so patient and quick to arrange things, and produce mood board of each room for me. Every decision was quick to be made. After I moved home, I had things stored in two units with Anyvan Storage (the furniture removal company which I used), one unit was for short term storage unit and another unit was for long term storage. During the last week of renovation, Anyvan storage screwed up and sent all the things to the flat, I was really panicking because the flat was so small! Jenny was there not only to stop the Anyvan storage people from leaving but also to calm me down so I could talk to them with calm. She taught me to sort the problems out one by one and not to see them as a whole thing. We also had to ask the council for the permission to alter the flat and Jenny has also been so helpful to write down the replies for me to respond to the emails from the council. It is still going on now. Now I have asked Jenny to project manage the renovation of the kitchen and we will have to go through everything again, including applying for the permission to alter etc. I have no doubt that Jenny will do a great job. This year I will be looking to buy a new house and I would consider using Decorbuddi again to renovate it. I cannot express how thankful I am for everything which Jenny and her builder Antoni did for me through tough time. Words are not even enough.” Xin

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