Picture Perfect Children’s Bedrooms

How to Interior Design Perfect Childrens Bedrooms: Creating a children’s room gives you the opportunity to have fun and involving your child in the design process will make the space feel even more special to them. But it is important to remember that this room will need to adapt and change as your child grows so some forward planning is vital.

There are 3 key things to consider when planning your child’s room – a comfortable bed, good storage and a space to play.  


  • When choosing a bed for toddlers, think ahead and choose one that they can grow into. Many cot beds are designed to change into a toddler bed or an antique sleigh bed can be made cosy filled with their soft toys and will last for many years. 
  • Girls in particular like to invite friends over for sleepovers. Consider a bunk bed or cabin bed which will give you space underneath for an extra mattress. Or opt for a truckle bed which has a pull out mattress cleverly stored underneath, making it very accessible when friends come to stay. 
  • To encourage bedtime reading, think about adding integral shelving (for books) and good task lighting where possible. A clip on reading lamp is a good choice as these can be easily fixed onto headboards.
  • For teenagers the bedroom becomes their sanctuary. If there is room, invest in a decent double bed and ideally choose one that offers storage with either an ottoman style or hidden drawers in the base.  



  • Storage is key to the function of any room and this is particularly important in a child’s bedroom where they need a place for toys, games, books and clothes.
  • La Redoute sells stacked storage boxes which bring colour as well as a practical solution to the room. Storage baskets and trunks are also a good option for keeping the room clutter free and bookcases which double up with pull out storage boxes are ideal. The Little Trading Company and Ikea both have these ranges.
  • Choosing timeless furniture and investing in good quality will keep a bedroom looking modern and stylish.
  • It’s nice to buy some pieces that the children can grow up with. A chest of drawers chosen well can stay in the room scheme from toddler to teenager. Where possible opt for solid wooden furniture which is FSC certified and rattan furniture is both on trend and very sustainable to the environment.


If space allows, create a reading nook or play den under a linen canopy or tent.  A soft rug makes a nice addition to this area for playing board games, jigsaws, lego making and there are some fun rug designs for car racing. This dedicated play area can house a desk when your child becomes older. For teenagers it is just as important to have a private place to study as well as a relaxing place to sleep.


  • Children love colour and it’s wonderful to include in the room scheme. However if it is a strong colour choice like say purple, rather than paint a whole bedroom, paint one wall only and then accessorize with cushions, bedlinen or repeat the colour choice in a curtain trim.  
  • If you wish to introduce a pattern with a wallpaper, again consider using it as a feature wall rather than all four walls as this can be imposing in what needs to be a calm and relaxing space. Surfaceview has some wonderful mural wallpapers.
  • Stripes and Stars are easy ways to add pattern to a room scheme, choose a star printed rug or a striped bedlinen. If you’re feeling bold and brave why not paint the ceiling in stripes.  


  • Personalise the room by adding your child’s name with wall hang letters or monogrammed cushions. Add a bit of fun with trimmings of shells or pom poms on curtains or cushions. Change the handles on wardrobes and furniture to animal inspired door knobs or pretty floral designs.
  • Utilise shelves or bookcases to showcase curiosities that they have collected on holidays and days out; shells and rocks, trinket boxes or display their favourite play figures. 
  • Display your child’s own art, this not only encourages creativity but also boosts their confidence to be creative.  A gallery wall with some of their own drawings, mixed in with postcards and shop bought prints is an ideal way to bring personality and colour into the room.  

Written by Decorbuddi Emma Cuthbert for Time & Leisure Magazine.

Decorbuddis: Jackie Hoyte & Tracy Duncan

Photos: KT1 Photography & Beth Mercer Photography

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