Wallpapering Bathrooms

Whilst functionality is particularly important for bathrooms, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them look and feel fabulous. Like with any space, there are many ways you can apply wallpaper. So here we take you through just a few ways that you can transform your bathroom from boring to bold!

GP & J Baker, Signature II Collection – ‘Chifu Charcoal’


There are some things to consider before you jump into wallpapering your bathroom. The general consensus is that any wallpaper can be used as long as the bathroom is ventilated well, and it’s not too close to the shower, bath or sink. Regular wallpaper doesn’t bode well if it’s in regular contact with steam and water, so that said, there are plenty of wallpapers more appropriate for these areas. Those labelled ‘vinyl’, ‘extra washable’ or ‘highly wash-resistant’ are ideal for such conditions.


Our Decorbuddi expert, Jenny Wood says “wallpaper is not a problem in downstairs loos, where there’s only a sink and toilet. It’s more of an issue anywhere that regularly gets steamy, particularly small bathrooms with showers.”


Another tip is to buy samples before committing to a roll. This can give you an idea of how it will look and work in your bathroom. And if you like to change styles regularly, there are stick-and-peel wallpapers available for a lower cost. These are incredibly versatile and damage-free.

Elizabeth Ockford, ‘Faroe Dark Blue’

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas & INSPIRATION

  • First and foremost is to be adventurous with the pattern! Elizabeth Ockford have a large and wonderful selection of regular and vinyl wallpapers, from vibrant aqua themes to more muted designs.
  • In smaller bathrooms, we recommend choosing a focal point for maximum effect. This could be above the sink or vanity area.
  • To create the illusion of a bigger space, wallpaper the upper half and leave the bottom for tiling or panelling.
  • Why not go even further and wallpaper the ceiling for added character and texture.
  • To ensure harmony and balance in your bathroom, match the tones found within the wallpaper to your choice of tiles.

Decorbuddi Project by Jackie Hoyte

To Wallpaper or Not To Wallpaper?

If you’re worried that wallpaper won’t be suitable for your bathroom but still want to introduce pattern, there are a lot of beautiful printed tiles now available. They provide a wallpaper-like effect, and come in a stylish array of colours and designs. Also known as waterproof wallpaper, these can be sourced from British Ceramic Tile.

There are many ways you can inject some personality into your bathroom, whether you opt for wallpaper, tiles or simply a splash of paint.

Elizabeth Ockford, ‘Kitts Aqua’

For further inspiration and ideas, you can find our featured projects here. If you have any questions or would like help with your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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