The Beauty of Bespoke

Decorbuddi projects encompass a wide range of situations and a lot of what we do is all about making the most of what already exists. But sometimes, when you have a home that you know that you are going to be in for a long time, it is worth creating a beautiful bespoke piece that is exactly what you need and that will suit you and your space perfectly.

Now that we have so much technology in our homes, we have found that we are getting more interest in bespoke items to tuck away charging sockets for i-phones, i-pads, apple watches, lap-tops and assorted equipment. Often this is part of a media unit, table or desk but one of our most recent projects was for this beautiful headboard.

The starting point was the desire to create an oversized headboard that created presence in the space. It is a beautiful contemporary style home, with clean lines and smooth features, and so we wanted to minimise the amount of furniture to retain the sleek look and calm feel of the room. A larger headboard also enabled us to bring in more fabric to maximise the softness and texture in the space.

Decorbuddi, Nikki, measured up the area behind the bed to decide on the optimum size and shape, going beyond the size of the bed and the bedside tables, allowing space for reading lights, sockets and light switches. The fabric colour was chosen to work with the petrol blue vanity unit in the bathroom. Nikki selected blush pink wallpaper with brass threading from Tektura.

The lighting was carefully considered to incorporate pendant lights for general mood lighting. Reading lights were fitted into the headboard for precision quality light so that one partner can easily read without disturbing the other at night. By fitting the lights in the ceiling and headboard there is also maximum space left on the side tables for books etc. The client knew exactly what type of lights she wanted and so we just helped her to source them from our suppliers.

The bespoke rug also picks up the brass detailing in the wallpaper and light fittings. We chose a carpet from the range by Crucial Trading that can just have a border added for a perfect finishing touch and minimal additional expenditure.

The stunning bespoke dressing table was designed by the architect, DNA Architecture. Wimbledon.