David Massingham

Located in Bournemouth, Dorset and Richmond, London, David works with Decorbuddi clients on the full range of packages from “Get Started” to the interior design and architecture of a complete house or apartment including project management.

“My years of artistic direction and of choreography in the dance world give me a unique view of how spaces can be transformed by interior design. Each project is a collaboration with the client creating a compelling look and feel they can relax in and enjoy showing to guests.”

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About David

David had an illustrious career in the arts before swapping his then part time passion for interiors and renovation into a full-time career. After completing the HE Diploma in Interior Design at the world renowned KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London, David went onto an internship with the world famous Nina Campbell in Knightsbridge, London, working on high end residential and commercial projects including a members club and boat.

Throughout his years in the arts, David was involved in property and currently has a buy-to-Let portfolio, giving him insight into cost effective interior solutions and how to balance style and budgets.

The world of dance has given David a unique and deep understanding of how one can fuse spatial functionality, gorgeous interior design and colour into a singular flowing vision, transforming big and small spaces into pleasing places to live.

As a Decorbuddi, David will use his breadth of knowledge and imagination to deliver stunning results whatever the budget, with projects ranging from London to Dorset.

Client Testimonials:

“David took such an in-depth and personal interest in our project, which was to create a show home style WoW factor in our downstairs accommodation. His attention to detail, including taking measurements of everything even the new floor tiles that we had selected, was brilliant and so professional. He also provided us with several different plans as to where we could locate our new furniture (not yet chosen). He came up with ideas that we had not previously considered some of which were absolutely inspirational. David also carried out useful research of items for our home, which he carefully selected, always with our budget in mind. We would definitely recommend David’s input before starting any home design project.” Carole-Ann and Richard

“I imagine the majority of Get Started packages end up converting like this – it’s a good system and the perfect way to get a sense of what working with a designer is like, without committing to too much at the beginning. And I got a LOT of value already out of the work David has done, as well as managing to avoid a couple of major mistakes I would have made if left to my own devices. I wasn’t originally planning on investing so much in this part of the process, but I now feel that it will be money well spent!” Susie

“My partner and I owned properties in the past but never used a design service before and we have to say we are extremely happy to have picked Décorbuddi to help up designing our 2 bedroom flat. David was extremely helpful and hard working all the way through. He helped us picking the colour scheme for the entire flat – we have always been used to simply painting everything white and a bit scared to change. David professionally guided us through various options, still letting our tastes being the main driver of all choices. We are very happy with the result; our flat is now fresh and fun as we wanted and we would have not achieved this without David’s help. He was also extremely valuable in recommending furniture/art and design ideas. We would definitely recommend David and Decorbuddi.” Kristina

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