Create a Planting Plan

You may have considered changing or updating your garden’s look but held back because you were unsure of the work
involved. In much the same way as by changing the furniture, fabric and curtains in a room we can transform the look and
feel of the space, so too, by reinvigorating the planting and adding new plant combinations you can see your garden
similarly transformed.

We know our plants and can help guide you through the somewhat daunting choices to find the optimal plant combination
for your garden. With our detailed and extensive knowledge of professional plant suppliers we can ensure that you find the
right quality plants at the right price.

Included in this package (which can be delivered remotely if necessary):

Initial consultation of up to 2 hours at your home will include:

  • A review your current planting and conditions in the garden
  • Initial advice on shape, form, style and colour of planting, taking account of your personal preferences
  • Advice on any clearance and preparation work needed before new plants go in

Follow up will include:

  • A summary of the garden consultation advice
  • A detailed and to scale planting plan showing the varieties, quantities and placement of the suggested plants
  • A visual presentation of the plants showing details of their key features
  • A “shopping list” of the plants suggested to make ordering the plants straightforward
  • A list of suggested sources for the plants together with a rough indication of the likely cost of the suggested plants

On larger more complex projects, additional time may be required to prepare the plant selection and recommendations and this is charged on an hourly basis.

A comprehensive planting plan from your Gardenbuddi may be all you need to go on and complete your garden. However for those with less time (or inclination), your Buddi can project manage the work at an hourly rate or by pre agreed fee. We can source what you need from our comprehensive trade contacts and find you the right garden team (if needed) for the job.

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